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dandy - Faster than Death 2

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    2013-02-19 01:14:33


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    2013-01-03 08:59:47

    nice job awesome edit

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    2012-09-29 19:18:30

    nice m8. i love it. one thing bad 2 much sun power :DD dont remember what's it called that glow or sht is 2 strong on burgundy :D but its a very nice movie gl futur

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    2012-09-24 20:42:03


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    2012-09-23 16:43:44

    dandy... ok

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registered: 17-12-2010


Hello, I present to you my new movie for my big friend dandy, called dandy - Faster Than Death 2. This is my first movie for the team Cyborg Factory. I worked on the movie 1-2 months. Movie is almost seven minutes long and has 800 megabytes. All frags are from (cz leagues, clanbase, night cups, and gamepark leagues). Created by : bobzje Fragged by : dandy Framerate : 30 fps Resolution : 1280x1024 (game) , 1280x720 (Sony Vegas) Codec : avi, xvid Lenght : 6:53 Size : About 800 MB Program Used : Sony Vegas 7 Total Recorder Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe After Effects (later) Fraps Virtual Dub Seismovision 3 Special Thanks : Buldog (for intro), dandy, adidas, zeel, and many more. All songs in full movie. Download Here : First part by Buldog : SUB ME : LOOK AT WWW.CYBORGFACTORY.NET Comments,Rate, and Thanks for Watching.
added: 22-09-2012

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