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ROHOS Exclusive Gameplay Trailer

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    2011-08-24 08:58:57

    There is no Red Orchestra 2 on the game list, so i just put the most popular one :P

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    2011-08-23 09:44:44

    why did u put cod4 ?

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    2011-08-23 09:14:28

    Ahhh nice ! thnx for this vid bro

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    2011-08-23 06:06:20

    Check out for beta gameplay coming this week, i will be posting short clips and longer fragmovies from rohos.

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Description for more I did not make this, all credit for Tripwire Interactive. A brand new video for Red Orchestra 2 from Tripwire Interactive just released on the forums, so i decided to quickly upload it to my channel for all you guys to see, hope you like it :) The pre order beta should be starting soon, then i will be making a ton of videos of my own such as short clips & longer fragmovies, so be sure to subscribe to my channel More information about the game: Release date 13.9.2011 Get yours from the steam store, price 30 euros, if you buy the digital deluxe, i recommend you do so, you get acces to final stage of the beta wich should be starting this week. What did i think of the trailer? The tanks look really nice, the realistic "insides" and the animated players inside look amazing, i also love how the guns handle like real guns they actually have recoil! not like in your usual fps, i like the free aim system, blind firing, snipers can switch to regular iron sights instead of scope, cover system + many many others. Hope you enjoyed, be sure to rate the video guys, thanks!
added: 23-08-2011

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