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WarDance Chapter One - Matmata PART 1

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    2012-03-16 20:27:59


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    2012-03-16 18:52:01

    Sick movie :P

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    2012-03-16 17:40:48

    cooool very nice cinema

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registered: 25-08-2010


MIRROR: DOWNLOAD: Preview: Info: Release Date: 16.03.2011 Runtime: 29m 24s Size: 1,78gig Container: MKV Video Codec: x264 8500kbps Audio Codec: AC3 192kbps Resolution: 1280x720 e-mail: xfire: jestercro web: Forum: Don't waste the time while downloading – read a few words by the author! After more than 8 months of demo browsing, clip capturing and preparation, I have realized that such amount of material is impossible to shove in only one fragmovie, which would in that case become feature length movie. After viewing a tone of fragmovies I concluded that only small amount can maintain my interest and concentration, i.e. the majority would become boring and strenuous after only 3 to 4 minutes, and were characterized by lining up to much colored clips with transition effects and without any warning for people who suffer from epilepsy. I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to set the frags without any order and to combine them with my favorite music regardless of its suitability. My idea was to make watchable fragmovie, a fragmovie with the story, a fragmovie which will be easily to distinguish from others. So, I decided to pay special attention to clip connecting in order to get the impression that we spectate one player which is one step away from death, i.e. life flash. I cannot describe all the troubles I had trying to ensure this concept. Due to the defined continuity of alteration I needed to introduce information about current player by printing his nickname. As these accessories are spoiling the visual experience, I tried to do that as discrete as possible. The music is mostly orchestral, just as one we find in movies, it is synchronized to accompany every movement, chosen to contribute to the overall impression and to surprise when it’s necessary. None of the songs is enclosed in its full length, but its part were cut and arranged due to necessity as you will notice if you listen them in their original form. Composition was arranged parallel, video in the order to music (and sometimes music in the order to video) which is sometimes reflected by the visual part undergo (visual part sometimes “waits” and “catches” the sound). As in the majority of feature film, we have the theme which is repeating several times during the fragmovie. Fragmovie does not stand out with a numerous special effects and different kind of transition; only three of four transitions were used in order to cover a turn, a jump and a shift. The rest of the fragmovie was filmed from the third-person or was acted. Intro is pretty long, but it is understandable because it is a part of machinima. As this is the first and only chapter of fragmovie with the intro, I was free to extend it in order to create story which can be continued through the rest of the chapters. After almost three years of malinger and less effort you can be sure that I won’t stop on it, I’m only sorry for working with old frags because with today’s demos it would look much better and more attractive. Idea for the Chapter 2 is finished and I must say that it will result with complete different fragmovie. At the end, I must thank to all colleges from WarDance clan for staying together from 2006, their tolerance and not losing a faith in me and this project – Guys, this is my gift to you. I bring you different fragmovie – did I succeeded? Conclusion is yours. Jester
added: 16-03-2012

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