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Dead of Night - by BenXL

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  1. Avatar
    2010-02-17 10:38:41

    intro cool idea
    and the rest was amazing too
    verry nice
    but always the same music...... LAME

  2. Avatar
    2009-11-22 23:50:43

    too dark ...
    but nice edit ;)

  3. Avatar
    2009-11-20 14:54:21

    i would like to see something. i would say this is far from realistic moon light.

  4. Avatar
    2009-11-20 14:20:14


    yes its super realistic to have way to much glow and specular map...

  5. Avatar
    2009-11-16 22:30:07

    agree, too dark and sometimes little bit laggy

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registered: 19-10-2009

Description Players- Kashye Echo S1bot Fragz Hamppzah Fzor Runtz Sorry if i didnt use you demo/demos some didnt have names on and some were sent to late :P "Hello guys this is my latest frag, u may remember my remember me frag lol, well this one is a huge step forward. First time making my own movie cfg and as you can see its night :) with my custom sky replacment i think it looks sweet. Started this project on haloween, describes why i chose the theme. Anyway this might be one of my last if not the last cod4 video i make as im addicted to mw2 now. Thanks and enjoy" - BenXL Songs- Spor - The Resistance Mt Eden - Sierra Leone Sub Focus - Rock it Slipknot - Psychosocial Programs used - After effects cs3 Photoshop cs2 Sony Vegas pro 8 File size - 433mb
added: 16-11-2009

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