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A NUNYA! Montage

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    2010-05-09 12:12:47


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    2009-07-31 11:15:16

    This "Movie" make no sens

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    2009-01-21 16:57:35

    cod4 ace

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registered: 04-03-2008


This is just a video I made as a tribute to my clan and to show some of the experiences I've had with them in my 8 months of being a member. I think I did something fairly unique with the editing of it so that's why I'm really posting it here. It's nothing overly fancy, but I think it's effective in conveying the point of the video. So please take a look. P.S. The song that plays during the credits was just simply to lighten the mood after the somewhat melancholy video. I know it doesn't necessarily fit, but I found it funny and so I decided to keep it in there.
added: 20-03-2008
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